Here at IronFire Athletics, Home of CrossFit Poway, we offer training programs for people of all ages and levels, regardless of previous experience. Our world-class coaching staff is here to guide you to your specific goals in whatever makes the most sense for you. Check out our many programs below!

  • Workout of the Day

    At IronFire Athletics, we expertly program to build functional strength and conditioning through workouts of the day (WODs) which we scale to every fitness level. We believe in the CrossFit methodology which focuses on preparing our members the best we can for any physical and mental challenge that life throws at them.

    Our 60 minute group classes will typically consist of a warm up, mobility session, strength and/skill work, a heart pumping metcon and finally a cool down. But in true CrossFit style, come prepared to take on the unknown and unknowable because chances are you’ll be in for a few fun surprises that don’t follow that format.

  • Personal Training

    Sign up for IronFire Athletics’ personal training sessions where one of our world class trainers will work with you to help define your goals, conduct a comprehensive assessment of your fitness level, and coach you through a  program designed specifically for your needs.

    This is the best option for those athletes who are serious about taking their training to the next level.
  • IronFire Kids and Advanced

    In IronFire Kids and Advanced Kids’ classes, your young athlete will learn proper body mechanics to safely use their bodies for efficient movement in any activity. Improved strength, stamina, coordination, agility, etc. will be evident in any sport or activity they’ll pursue.  Our goal is  to help our young community become generally physically prepared for anything.  All of our games and workouts are based on the fundamental, universal movements that are innate to our species – we walk, run, jump, crawl, climb, lift, carry, throw, balance and stretch.  We mix and match these natural human movement patterns in constantly varied games and workouts appropriate to the level of ability and fitness of anyone who attends these classes.

  • Olympic Weightlifting

    Our Olympic Weightlifting team is a ton of fun. It’s perfect for those of us who are interested in developing the explosive power, mobility, and technical skill. We work on two Olympic lifts in this program: the snatch and the clean & jerk. With an entire hour focused on just two lifts, athletes are able to dial in their lift and accelerate their performance. There’s no better feeling than PR’ing your snatches and clean and jerks.

  • Powerlifting

    Our Powerlifting team is quickly becoming one of our most sought-after additional programming. Powerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. If you are interested in building muscle, moving some seriously heavy weight, and developing raw strength, this is definitely the program for you.

  • Competition Personal Training

    IronFire’s Competitor’s Personal Training is perfect for those that are serious and committed to maximizing their potential. If your goal is to become one of the fittest on Earth, we are able to give you the support you need. Your trainer will work with you to help define your goals, conduct a comprehensive assessment of your starting point and coach you one-on-one through a custom designed program specifically aimed at competing at an elite level.


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