How to Track Your Alcohol and Not Blow Your Nutrition, by Montana Maxwell

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How to Track Your Alcohol and Not Blow Your Nutrition

by Montana Maxwell

I’m going to ask a few questions without trying to sound like an infomercial. Do you feel like you eat well but continue to gain weight? Or do you feel like you don’t eat very much but aren’t losing any weight? Do you exercise daily but feel your pants getting tighter? There may be one culprit to blame that tends to slip peoples’ minds: ALCOHOL!

Sorry, I really did sound like an informercial, but I’m not trying to sell anything.

I don’t want to get it into your head that alcohol is bad. If you want to go to happy hour with your friends, please do! After all, nothing gets much better than a cold margarita on a warm beach. My point is to get you to think about it as you would food or any other calories. If you feel like you do a lot to be fit but aren’t getting anywhere, alcohol is a sneaky thing that we forget about.

Here are some tips to help keep you social but keep you on your #goals.

  1. Skip the Gin N Tonic, go for the Vodka Soda. If you are how I used to be, I thought G&T was the healthiest drink on the menu. Turns out tonic has just as much sugar as Coke or Sprite. Soda water is just carbonated water, meaning that you only get calories from the vodka!
  1. Say no to creamy shots. Birthday cake shots and Scooby Snacks may be fun to order for a group but they pack a lot of sugar. Instead plug your nose and down that tequila shot. Surprisingly, less of a hangover is an added plus.
  1. Beer lovers, go for a lighter beer. The lighter the beer, the lower the calories and the fewer grams of carbs.
  1. Number 3 is bad news for IPA lovers. If you love your hoppy or your dark beers, factor them in in the morning. If you want to have an IPA after work with friends, plan ahead and reduce your carb or fat intake during the day.
  1. The above tip goes for all alcohol. Planning ahead will reduce guilt and make it so you don’t have to worry about it at the bar.
  1. Eat before your drink. The more full you are, the less you will want to drink. Also the less you will want to eat once you are already drunk. This will help curb those 2AM Dominoes calls that are filled with more regrets than whatever happened at the bar. Just make sure the meal you eat is healthy and filled with good proteins and fats to keep you full longer.

With these few tips you can stop feeling guilty on Friday nights and have fun!

Pro Tip: If you are tracking your macros, here’s how to add alcohol. First, input it as either carbs, fat, or both, but never protein. Take the full amount of calories from the beverage (can be done with a simple Google search) and divide by 4 to get grams of carbs or 9 to get grams of fat.

For example, a vodka soda is about 64 calories. Divide this by 4 and get 16 grams of carbs OR divide by 9 and get 7 grams of fat. Input that and you’re good to go!